Total Raised: $43,669.00

The National Canine Cancer Foundation Presents the 5th Annual
Bruiser Memorial 5K
Sarge 1 Ĺ Mile (approx) Fun Walk with your Dog
***New this year** The Hannah and Friends 50 yard dash w/ your dog
For Canine Cancer Research
Lehigh Parkway-Allentown, PA
September 7th, 2013

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Itís been five years since hemangiosarcoma took my best friend, itís been five years that I have missed early morning runs, Bruiserís constant barking when he wanted attention or needed to go outside to visit the neighbors or do his business. Itís been five years since we snuggled on the couch, itís been five years since I have rocked him in the old wooden rocking chair when he the house was quiet and he just wanted to be close to me and no one else.

People told me it would become easier, and yes it has. But the tears still come and there still is not a day that goes by that I donít think of him. Some of those tears have been replaced with smiles as the memories become more focused on what a great time we had but I am still reminded of the last two weeks of his life and how hemangiosarcoma took him so quickly. Too quick for me to get the time I needed with him, too quick for me to find a solution or a treatment.

Those memories haunt me today as I look at my little Jack Russell, Peanut and wonder will he succumb to Hemangiosarcoma, will there be a warning sign, will there be a treatment, will I be able to save him? Those memories, my little Jack Russell and the many friends that I have made who have lost their beloved companion animal is what drives my passion to find a cure, not only for hemangiosarcoma, but for all canine cancers. I want to channel this passion into the Bruiser Memorial 5K so that children and their parents can offer their companion animals a cancer free long life. Will you help me fight the fight?

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is proud to host the 5th Annual Bruiser Memorial 5K, Sarge Fun Walk and new this year the Hannah and Friends 50 yard dash. The event will take place on September 7th, 2013 (Saturday) at 8:00am in the beautiful Lehigh Parkway in Allentown, PA.

The Bruiser attracts not only local and some not so local runners, but it also attracts families and dog lovers. Over the last four years this event has raised over $80,000 with the most dedicated fundraisers who look for the most innovative avenues to raise money and gain awareness.

Please help make a difference in the lives of families and their beloved canine friends by signing up as one of our sponsors. We appreciate all donations!

Maryjo Smith
Race Director

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